Viewing Instructions

You will notice your screen is divided up into five areas, more commonly known as frames.
These areas are the Title frame (top), the Meetings frame (left), the Documents frame (upper right), the Pages frame (lower right),
and the Agenda frame (center), the area where you are currently reading these instructions.

  1. From the Meetings frame, select a meeting date. The meeting's agenda will display in the Agenda frame.
    All agenda items display as links; however, not all agenda items contain supporting documents (Staff Reports).

  2. Select desired agenda item link.
    The corresponding Staff Report for that item, if any, will display in the Documents frame similar to the following:

    Staff Report #1 12/9/09

  3. Select the Staff Report from the Documents frame.
    You will then see a listing in the Pages frame similar to the following:

     All Pages
       Page 1 (1.TIF)
       Page 2 (2.TIF)
       Page 3 (3.TIF)

  4. Select All Pages from the Pages frame to view the entire staff report.
    Or you can select individual pages if desired. (If a dialog box displays, choose OPEN to view or SAVE to download.)

NOTE: If you are unable to view Staff Reports properly and need assistance, please contact the City Clerk's office at 760-839-4561.
Acrobat Reader is necessary to view All Pages. A free copy can be downloaded at